Transforming how engineering and technology businesses commercialise their products and services.

About Us

Established in 2014, SBW commercialises products for platform technology and advanced engineering companies looking to drive revenues and value into the business.

We live to bring great ideas to life and enable our clients to make money – it’s as simple as that.

From building rockets to AI solutions for medical break-throughs, ad:tech growth, IoT and beyond.

We believe in lateral business thinking, looking beyond the assumed route to market opening up industries, product lines, models and geographies that transform our client’s businesses.

We empower our clients by bringing the tools and skills in-house, delivering solutions not days.

“Not only are we transforming our client’s balance sheets but we are transforming the agency-client relationship with a focus on empowering the client and bringing the skills in-house.

From our expert team working in-house to access to our tools and frameworks, training modules and even in-house prototyping to bring your idea to life and keep us jumping out of the bed every morning.”

CEO, Natasha Allden


How We Work

SBW work with engineering and technology companies that are looking to commercialise their products or services. This can range from platform software solutions through to rocket technology. Our focus on this sector is built on decades of experience in key industries, bringing a fresh perspective to the challenge of how to make money.

We work with our clients across four pillars:

  • Commercial Strategy
  • Customer Insight
  • Customer Engagement (taking the product to market)
  • Technical Validation (prototyping)

Our mission is bringing ideas to life as such we can work in-house with the teams, as a fully outsourced team or provide training and tools for companies to implement the changes themselves.

To talk to one of our advisors to find out more and see how we can help please contact us.